Van Mats

Van Mats

Are fitted van mats what you're looking for?

Here at Premier Products we have an extensive range of fitted van mats to suit all makes and models. Whether it's a front mat or maybe a middle mat, the rear mats or the full set, we have it covered.

What makes us even better is we have a lot of options for you! Choose from six carpet qualities ranging from our standard mat all the way up to our executive selection. We have eight carpet colours so you can customise your fitted van mats to suit you and your businesses style. But it doesn't stop there! We have twenty one trim colours to pick from meaning you pimp your van mats to be bespoke to you!

But I need rubber van mats

If you want rubber, leave it with us! We have two qualities of rubber fitted van mats that are durable and reliable. Our rubber mats come in three designs and we can offer the choice of twenty two different trim colours. Who said rubber van mats can't be stylish?!  The options really are endless to create completely bespoke van mats for you!

To make them completely personal, ask us about having your name on your bespoke fitted van mats. You can't get more personal than that! Or for a professional look, have your company name on them to impress all of your customers.

As a dedicated team based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire UK, we produce all our fitted van mats on site. Our skilled machinists lovingly make them to order and use the latest CAD technology. We carefully hand-finish your mats and ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle.

As all our mats are tailor-made to fit the contours of your vehicle's floor and its measurements they provide maximum protection. We make your mats to order and can ensure they fit your bespoke requirements perfectly.

If you would like a set of fully tailored mats creating for your van and it is not listed, please contact us.

The independent Trustpilot reviews are a testament to the satisfaction our customers receive from our tailored van mats.